What are the benefits?

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) has been extensively used by top athlete’s across the world and more recently in Germany and London as a new approach to training and fitness. Training for as little as 20 minutes a week is a very effective workout choice regardless of your age or fitness level. It is never too late to start training and you are never too old. It produces visible results quickly which helps with your motivation. Body fat and weight are reduced as your muscle definition, physical strength and endurance improves.

At Evo Personal Training, we are using equipment provided by MIHA Bodytec; a leading provider in this arena. They have had years of experience using this technology to improve fitness and performance across a number of sporting disciplines including the rehabilitation of injured athletes. We have included a number of quotes to help you get a better understanding of the benefits of this technology. If you are new to fitness and training, just think if it can improve the performance of top athletes then how much will it benefit you? Exciting!

Whole body EMS training has taken muscle stimulation to a completely new level. The simultaneous stimulation of the major muscle groups as well as the important deep muscles sets it apart from conventional training in my opinion. In my time as a ski jumper on the world stage, I never knew such an intensive and, at the same time, effective strength training. The improvements made in the area of core stability are particularly impressive.

Alexander Herr (Ski Jumping)

In competitive sport we are always looking for new and legal means of improving the performance of athletes and avoiding the risk of injury. We have been using it for almost 1 year now and have seen significant and objectively measurable improvement in performance in almost all athletes who use MIHA Bodytec training.

George Hackl, three time world and Olympic Luge champion.

We use MIHA Bodytec in our facility with both leisure and competitive athletes. We also use it for specific back problems. Using MIHA bodytec alone, or in conjunction with conventional training methods, leads to new levels of endurance and performance. EMS training allows a stronger and more intensive contraction of muscles than purely arbitrary contractions increasing the potential in the area of speed, endurance, maximum and explosive strength.

Oliver Schmidtlein, Owner of OS Training & Therapy centre in Munich, FC Bayern Munchen Fitness Coach.

Whole body EMS is now commonplace in areas such as rehabilitation, sport and competitive sport. It’s being used increasingly in golf and has been very successful. That’s why we have decided to use MIHA Bodytec as a training device and EMS training as the preferred kind and we recommend both to our members.

Rainer Goldrain, General Manager PGA, Germany.

If you would like to understand more about Miha Bodytec technology, please visit their website at www.miha-bodytec.com

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