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EVO Personal Training is a small, family run business set up just outside Winchester City Centre. We are delighted to welcome to the team our head coach, Ciaran Logan. Ciaran has been involved in the world of fitness and sport from a young age. He had a successful swimming career and, following injury, moved into a coaching role. A career in personal training was inevitable and he has recently been working in London with an EMS fitness provider, training clients from various fitness backgrounds. Ciaran is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer who is always looking to continually improve his knowledge in all aspects of fitness. He holds additional qualifications in kettlebells, TRX (suspension), spin classes as well as first aid. He is currently pursuing a certification in pre and postnatal exercise programmes.

Ciaran is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and is fully insured.


Here's what some of our clients have said.

Nicky A

"I first met Ciaran when I was recommended to try EMS training by a friend. Because of the nature of the training I was a little nervous. Being “electrocuted” whilst working out sets off a natural alert system in your head. I read up a lot about it so signed up for a trial. Ciaran arrived to the minute on time and was very polite and confident whilst explaining what was going to happen and what was involved. He showed me all the equipment and explained the workout. He has a huge knowledge not only of the equipment but also of the training….and he expresses this in a fun and relaxed manner with a maturity beyond his years. He encourages you to a level just beyond where you think you can go; but that he sees you are able to do. He makes sure your form is correct and that you warm up and stretch at the start and end of the session. He chats throughout but in a very understated way; providing information and answering questions. The session flies by and is over before you know it. The release of endorphins and sweat shows you that you have definitely made the best use of time. I signed up for a course immediately because I had faith in Ciaran and he made the workout fun and doable. I have worked with a lot of personal trainers in the past and when you get a good one to shows immediately. You can tell that they genuinely care and want to get the results you hope for. From this initial session, Ciaran built a few programmes to add to my training and recommended some equipment I could use at home. He is a very diligent and reliable young man. He has grown up in a training environment with his swimming and shown what a determined and committed character he is….and this shows in how dedicated he is when he trains others. It is also exciting to see the physical results of his training!"

Abigail C

"Ciaran was great to work with. He listened to my needs and preferences and tailored the workout to be exactly what I needed. He fully understands the exercise that will actually change a client’s body and how to get them there in a controlled and safe manner. He is always punctual and enthusiastic no matter what time our session was booked for!"

Ed A

"After hearing my mother raving about EMS and this personal trainer called Ciaran I had to try it! With the bar of expectations raised high, I was not disappointed. Ciaran reassured me about the training and we headed straight into it. After instantly grasping an idea of what sort of client I was, Ciaran pushed me to my limits; putting me through one of the best workouts of my life. Not only because the EMS challenged me…but because also as Ciaran kept the motivation to stay mentally strong throughout. This really was a demonstration of his experience, knowledge and passion for what he does. An amazing insight into EMS but what really impressed me was Ciaran; great guy and even better trainer."

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